More people than ever are watching video ...

... And your customers are among them 


How video benefits YOUR business 

ROI: analytics show who's watching your video and where they go next in the sales journey, allowing you to modify to produce great, measurable results  

Video is versatile: Video goes in an email, on a website, social media or shown at a conference or exhibition and can be watched on a phone, a mobile device or a giant screen in a shopping centre 

Search with video: YouTube is the world's second largest search engine (after Google), and using video in your SEO improves your rankings

Go where your audience is: Wherever they are, video will connect with your audience. Smartphones and mobile devices are all optimised for video consumption 

Why use video? 

  • People respond to video: more people will watch a video than read a text. In fact, 90% say seeing a video helped them make a decision about buying a product or service*
  • Video tells a story: more information can be contained in a 30-second video than text - so tell your story though video 
  • The stats are overwhelming: The statistics increase every day. Google 'how many people watch video' and prepare to be astounded!

Don't know where to start? 

We've got a solution for everyone - whether you're a beginner or are already creating awesome videos 

Compete beginner

If you've never been in front of the camera, then the Get Visible with Video online course covers everything from equipment to editing 

Consistent content

The Idea to Screen online course helps you to create consistent video content, including generating ideas, efficient filming, post-production and marketing 

A personal approach

Simon Banks will coach you personally in one-to-one sessions to reach your goal - whether that's being awesome on camera or creating engaging videos  

Be great on camera

Try the Get Confidence on Camera online course to improve your presence in front of the camera. Learn the right way to sit and stand and the tricks the pro's use 

Get Visible with Video online course
From Idea to Screen online course
Personal coaching with Simon Banks
Get Confidence on Camera online course

Simon Banks: your online coach and personal tutor

Simon Banks is a video strategist and content producer, working with companies and brands to help them get video right.

Simon first picked up a camera when he was 16, and has worked in the media ever since.

His clients include the BBC, ITV, CH4, and National Geographic, making factual programmes. For the last 15 years, Simon has solely focused on the corporate video market and produced 1,000s of videos for organisations of all sizes.

He also trains business owners, entrepreneurs and sales teams in how to produce consistent video content which gets the maximum return of investment through distribution and marketing strategies.

Simon is also the author of “How to Get Video Right - The essential guide to video strategy in the rapidly changing digital age”.

Reasons why you NEED video for your business

Remember, people buy from people

Video is next best thing after 1-2-1 meeting

Allow your customers to put a face to your business to create more sales

Your audience is waiting to meet you!


What others are saying about Simon Banks 

"Simon has a wealth of knowledge around video - he's the go-to person if you need to incorporate video into your business. I love his approach and personality."

Claire Perry-Louise

Business owner and community management strategist

"Achieving results with visual communication is key for every business today and Simon has his finger on the pulse for what it takes."

Kerrie Dorman
Business owner 

'Video helps us talk to our members more effectively. Simon’s creative and immaginative approach helped us benefit from the full potential of video."

Jane Hughes 
RCN Deputy Director of Communications.

Simon's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

"It matters to me that this makes an actual, quantifiable difference for you and your business. Which is why I'm offering a 30-day, no questions asked, money-back GUARANTEE. If you're not satisfied after following the steps in any of these course or the advice I give in a personal coaching session, then just send me an email requesting a full refund." ~ Simon Banks

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