Time is short. Your potential customers don't have enough of it to read about how great your product or service is. In today's digital age, they want quick, easily-accessible information, they want video. So if you want more customers, if you want to grow your business, you can't afford to ignore video any longer.

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Get Video Right

How to Get Video Right Book

‘How to Get Video Right.' It’s a definitive and incredibly easy-to-understand blueprint that will empower everyone from sole-proprietorships to global conglomerates to take video seriously, factor it into their marketing plans – and thrive. 

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Confidence on Camera

For most of us, we don't like being on camera; the way we look and sound. What to say. What will people think of me? This activity takes us way out of our comfort zone. This mini-course will conquer your fear of the camera. 

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Get Visible with Video

Video is essential for any business that wants to stay current. It's an investment that will most definitely pay off if executed well. This in-depth course will take you through all you need to know about creating engaging consistent video content. 

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Idea to Screen

Idea to Screen

Taking your Idea and putting it on Screen: From content creation to audience participation
You’ve got an idea, and you’ve got a camera. You know you need to produce video for both your customers and your team.

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Here's What You'll Learn In How To Get Video Right

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How to save money

Getting the most value from your video production

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Maximising your ROI

Why video needs to be seen as an investment rather an expense

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Who’s watching?

Why identifying your audience is critical to the success of your video

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Story telling

Getting your story and message right for your audience

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The videos you need

The types and styles of videos which will work for your business

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Making your video campaign a success

Secrets to ensure your video is watched

What others say about the training

Rachel Roe

Rachel Roe Communications Director

"Simon knows everything there is to know about video - his knowledge is immerse. Simon is the video man!"

Chris Cardell

Chris Cardell Marketing Expert

"Reading a book like this is important so you get an understanding of video and how it can help your business grow."

Shair James

Shari James Business Owner

"Simon saw the obstacles that were in my way around doing videos. He simplified everything for me, I am now making high-quality videos with ease."

Colin Paterson

Colin Paterson   Director of Marketing

“Simon knows everything there is to know about video – his knowledge is immense. Simon is the video man!”

Claire Perry-Louise

Claire Perry-Louise Entrepreneur

“I love his approach and his giving personality , with his genuine wish to help and provide the best solutions for your business. He is easy to connect with, personable and friendly and I would always recommend him.”

Who is Simon Banks?

Simon Banks has over 30 year’s experience in the media industries and he is passionate about all things video.

He is a video strategist and producer. His background is in broadcast as a DOP (Director of Photography) on documentaries for the likes of BBC, ITV, CH4, and National Geographic. For the last 15 years, he has produced 1,000's of videos for 100's companies. Working with brand names like Morgan Stanley, Roche, Novartis, Tui Travel, UNICEF, and Sony.

Simon is all about supporting business owners and entrepreneurs making effective video content without breaking the bank or taking up tons of their time.

Need some help or have a question? Email Simon

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