Author, Founder and Creator of the Get Video Right and Confidence on Camera Video Training.

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Simon Banks is passionate about planning, shooting and producing stand-out videos that really work for companies and individuals.  

With a degree in Communications and Media and inspired since the age of 16 to be a video cameraman, Simon worked and traveled for over 20 years as a news cameraman and DOP for leading broadcasters in his native Australia, the USA, and here in the UK for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and National Geographic.

His relaxed Aussie manner makes Simon a great teacher and he lectures at UAL (University Arts London) on Television Production.  He's also a sought-after mentor. 

Simon also helps people overcome their fear of how they sound and look on camera, and developing confidence to give their best performance.  Simon combines this talent training with all the technical expertise and knowledge needed to produce outstanding videos that deliver results and keep clients coming back, year after year.  

Simon on the web...

Some of the Podcasts, interviews and videos Simon has been featured.

Engage Video Marketing 

Simon talks with Ben Amos and debunks the myth that video is overwhelming for business. 

Engage Podcast

Video Marketing Value

Simon chats with Dane and Renee about how to make your video give the maximum return on investment. 

VMV Podcast

Brand Tuned

In Brand Tuned, Simon speaks with Shireen Smith of Azrights, an intellectual property consultancy based in the UK.

Brand Tuned

Business for creatives

Hear Simon talk about how creatives can also be successful in business. 

Business for creatives

Simon’s gentle giant persona (he’s 6ft 4in) inspired the name of his current award-winning company Tallboy Communications Ltd, founded in 1999. Since then, Tallboy has successfully delivered 1000’s of high-quality videos for a range of corporate, charity and government clients including Morgan Stanley, Novartis, Age UK, Tui and Sony.  

Simon’s experience means his insights into how businesses, corporations and individuals communicate are invaluable when creating video.  He instinctively knows the visual treatment that’s best for each production and the right tone of voice needed to effectively and persuasively deliver the messages.  He’s also skilled in how to maximise the return for each video as a marketing tool across all media channels.

Now with his new venture, Get Video Right, Simon aims to help business owners, entrepreneurs and start-ups to unlock the power of video with affordable packages based on his essential guide book.  He enables them to confidently connect directly with their target audience and deliver their authentic brand story or sales pitch.  

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Some of Simon's Tallboy client videos