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Resources and products to support you in growing your video with business. 

Get Video Right - The Book

How to Get Video Right 

‘How to Get Video Right’. It’s a definitive and incredibly easy-to-understand blueprint that will empower everyone from sole-proprietorships to global conglomerates to take video seriously, factor it into their marketing plans – and thrive.

$9.97 - $29.97

Online Courses

Confidence on Camera

For most of us, we don't like being on camera; the way we look and sound. What to say. What will people think of me? This activity takes us way out of our comfort zone. This mini-course will conquer your fear of the camera. 


Get Visible with Video

Video is essential for any business that wants to stay current. It's an investment that will most definitely pay off if executed well. This in-depth course will take you through all you need to know about creating engaging consistent video content. 


Idea to Screen

Taking your Idea and putting it on Screen: From content creation to audience participation. This course will show you how to generate ideas, bring them to life, how to film and edit, and to get them in front of your audience.


1-2-1 Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions

If you need some support with video, have a technical question, or want to work out how video can grow your business, why don’t you book a session with me. From a free 15-minute pick my brain call to 90 minute video strategy sessions.

Free - £500