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Learn how to LOVE the way you LOOK and SOUND on camera

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Find out how to INCREASE your reach, MAXIMISE your impact and GROW your business with video 


Overcome your fears of being on camera

I can help you Get confidence on camera and win more customers and clients using just your personality.

Seeing you speaking naturally on video, talking about your business and offerings, will have a huge impact on customers and potential clients. Video builds trust, and helps to create relationships by showing your human side. 


Video in business: the essential facts*  

  • This year, it’s estimated that 80% of ALL internet traffic will be video-based
  • 70% of marketers say video produces more conversions than any other content
  • Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users
  • More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day
  • 51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI

*WordStream Online Advertising 



Do you:

  • Hate seeing yourself on video?
  • Cringe at the sound of our own voice?
  • Worry what others will say or think?
  • Get brain-freeze or tongue-tied as soon as the record button is pressed?

I get all that, you are not alone

Video is one of the most powerful tools you can use to connect with your audience. Putting yourself on camera might seem intimidating at first, however when you know how to do it with ease and confidence - people notice.

We tell ourselves we can't do it - but you can!  Learn how to love the camera and embrace video. 

People buy from people and video is great for building relationships by creating trust. By seeing you on camera, your audience connects quickly and easily with you. 

It's YOUR time to be amazing on video... you CAN do it, I promise you!

I have spent 30+ years in the video industry and worked with 100's of businesses and interviewed 1000's of people, so I know what it takes to be on camera. I want to share all my experience and secrets so you can Get Confidence on Camera.

I have developed the Get Confidence on Camera course, based on my experience. It's 80 minutes of training, organised in 9 modules.

Packed with valuable information, these modules are quick and to the point, and will help you Get Confidence on Camera.

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Meet Simon Banks - creator of Get Confidence on Camera 

Simon Banks is a video strategist and content producer, working with companies and brands to help them get video right.

Simon first picked up a camera when he was 16, and has worked in the media ever since.

His clients include the BBC, ITV, CH4, and National Geographic, making factual programmes. For the last 15 years, Simon has solely focused on the corporate video market and produced 1,000s of videos for organisations of all sizes.

He also trains business owners, entrepreneurs and sales teams in how to produce consistent video content which gets the maximum return of investment through distribution and marketing strategies.

Simon is also the author of “How to Get Video Right - The essential guide to video strategy in the rapidly changing digital age”.

Simon's 'Get Confidence on Camera' course gives you:

  • The skills: understand your natural talent and discover your aptitude for being in front of the camera 
  • The confidence:  grow your confidence by developing your poise and assurance for speaking on video
  • The understanding: why showcasing your personality on video will grow your audience and increase your revenue

Get Confidence on Camera training covers:

🎬 Why we fear the camera - and how to overcome this

🎬 Controlling the way you look and sound - with lighting and voice techniques

🎬 Taking advantage of being shy or an introvert - and how you can still get on camera 

🎬 How to script and deliver your message with confidence - it's all in following a process

🎬 Overcoming the fear of being judged - and how to deal with negative comments

🎬 9 modules in total - over 80 minutes of training. 

Get TOTAL confidence to appear on camera

Learn to embrace the camera lens, to produce great videos that engage with your audience

Remember: being confidence on camera is a skill you can learn

What people saying about Confidence on camera

"I had the benefit of this course. Videos made by people in my LinkedIn network are frankly are not as good as mine."

Dr Jonathan Ashong-Lamptey

"I was really nervous about doing video. Doing Simon's course has unblocked my fear of video. I'm super happy." 

Sarah Carroll

"Simon is a true video expert - he's been there, done and got the t-shirt! He can help anyone leverage the power of video."

Ant Hodges

"Simon saw the obstacles in my way around doing videos. He simplified everything and really helped my confidence on camera."

Shari James

You know you need video for your business

People buy from people and video is second best thing after 1-2-1 meeting.

Putting a face to your business through video makes a huge difference to your customers and potential clients in creating sales.

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Simon's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

"It matters to me that this makes an actual, quantifiable difference for you and your business. Which is why I'm offering a 30-day, no questions asked, money-back GUARANTEE. If you're not satisfied after following the steps in any of these course or the advice I give in a personal coaching session, then just send me an email requesting a full refund." ~ Simon Banks

Jump in now and Get Confidence on Camera!


Frequently Asked Questions...

You know you need video for your business!

People buy from people and video is second best thing after 1-2-1 meeting. 

Putting a face to your business through video makes a huge difference to your customers and potential clients in creating sales. 

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