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Get your idea on screen

Learn everything from content creation to audience participation

You’ve got an idea, and you’ve got a camera. You know you need to produce video for both your customers and your team. Your customers expect it, and Google loves it.

This course will show you how to generate ideas, bring them to life, how to film and edit, and to get them in front of the audience they deserve, giving you the maximum return on investment.


Breaking through the bottlenecks

Whether it’s content, filming or editing, you’ll learn how to smash the barriers holding you back and make consistent video content that helps build your audience and grows your business.

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Your Experts 

Simon Banks:  Video strategist, lecturer, speaker and author. Consults on strategy with both global companies and SMEs

Sally Eden: Communications consultant , journalist and video producer. Former BBC presenter and communications coach to CEOs. 

Ryan Say: Videographer with over 10 years experience directing, shooting and editing videos for SMEs, online entrepreneurs and musicians.


What you'll learn with Idea to Screen 


The insights

Understand how you can get to know your audience; the benefits of batch filming and when to do-it-yourself and when to outsource.


Increase your confidence

Discover how to create good content; learn how to film without hassle and edit in the camera.


Practical advice

Learn the tricks of using whatever camera you have – from smartphone to high-end – to create high-quality video, with easy editing.


Marketing know-how

Discover how to get your videos watched by the right people and how to make your audience into another distribution channel.


Making things memorable 

Learn how to use your videos to engage the audience to build your business. 


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Rachel Roe

"Simon knows everything there is to know about video – his knowledge is immense. With his help and advice, we have revolutionised the way we now communicate to staff using this media. Simon is the video man!"

Rachel Roe 
- Communications Director

"Every day when you're not using video is potentially costing you and your business customers and money. Doing a course like this is important so you can get an understanding of video and how it can help your business grow."

Chris Cardell - Marketing Expert

"Everyone can now be a content creator, but this course helps you understand the planning, polish and professionalism that's needed in video.  Businesses that want to project the right image need this training."

Colin Paterson, Marketing Director

Here’s what you’ll get in 'Idea to Screen' 

Module One: Setting up for success

Understand why video is so crucial for your business. Learn what type of videos you need and how you may already have the resources within your team to produce them. Follow the 5-step process to make sure any video content you produce is successful. 

Module Two: Generating content

Learn the importance of pre-production; how to plan, how to connect with the audience and how to spot a good idea. Understand the pace of ideas and what style of video is right for your brand. 

Module Three: Creating your story

Filming can be time consuming, so understand how to get the most out of your shoot day. Learn the importance of  pre-production and how you can generate content for more than one video in one shoot day.

Module Four: Filming on location

Master the concept and art of B'roll and how a single shot can make or break a video. Understand the basic shots needed, and how to use a location to reflect your brand. 

Module Five: Editing & post-production

Editing is often where the video bottleneck happens - so don't let this stop all your hard work from being seen. Understand the difference between in-house editing and outsourcing and the limitations of basic software. 

Module Six: Distribution & marketing

You've made the video, and now you want the audience to see it. Having the right video strategy in conjunction with your marketing goals is key. Understand the key points in the lifecycle of your video and what you can do to prolong each stage. 

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