06 - Creating a video-first approach with Ben Amos

Creating a video-first approach to your business with Ben Amos

Joining me this week is Ben Amos from Engage Video Marketing. In this week’s episode, Ben & I walk through how to create a video-first approach for your business. We discuss the 7 elements you need to include to ensure any video content you create is successful.

Ben is a passionate online video strategist, video producer, international speaker and consultant working with high-impact brands worldwide to connect them to their ideal audiences through effective online video marketing. As host of the Engage Video Marketing Podcast, and coach to hundreds of Video Strategists globally, Ben’s mission is to help other creatives, marketers, entrepreneurs and video producers better understand how to attract, engage and convert audiences online with video.

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Highlights from this episode:

(04:53) Why your business needs a video-first approach

(07:14) Why video will work for your business

(09:59) Why is video is put into the too-hard basket?

(12:32) Tactics vs Strategy – The Art of War

(13:56) The 7-minute video marketing plan

(15:00) The seven elements of an effective video plan

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(27.07) How to get these videos made

(30:49) The results you can expect

(38:33) How to get started

(39:37) What to look for in a video partner