07 - Should you be using YouTube for your business?

Should you be using YouTube for your business?

Everyone loves and has heard of YouTube. Many of us watch videos on the platform every day. But should you be using it to host your video content? 

While YouTube is free to use, and does have 2.5 billion users, it doesn't mean it is suitable for your business. In this episode, I examine the pros and cons of using YouTube as a business tool. I also review three video hosting platforms I use and recommend which will give you a better result and experience for your audience. 

Video hosting platforms:

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Highlights from this episode:

(01:40) Why you need to use a video hosting platform

(02:53) The pros of using YouTube

(03:20) Can you be found on YouTube?

(03:47) What is popular on YouTube?

(03:47) What about business content?

(04:49) Managing your expectations

(05.25) The YouTube Strategy

(06:01) Those ads!

(07:07) The YouTube player

(07:50) The Video Hosting platforms I use

(08:02) Vimeo

(09:36) Wistia

(10:56) TwentyThree

(12:34) What I recommend 

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