08 - Understanding the Power of Video with Steffen Christensen

Joining me this week is Steffen Christensen, the CTO and Co-Founder of TwentyThree, which recently published a game-changing report called The State of Video 2022, linked below. 

Throughout this episode we discuss some of the key findings in the report, which may just change how you think about your business’ video strategy. We discuss the optimal time for video content, and why companies like TwentyThree are filling a valuable gap in the market as YouTube focuses more on the creator economy. 

We also look at how different businesses are using video, and give you some examples of what to do... and what not to do. Spoiler alert: if you blow 250k on one video, you’re almost certainly doing it wrong. 

You can read the State of Video 2022 report here: https://www.twentythree.com/state-of-video-2022-report  

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Highlights from this episode: 

(01:27) What is TwentyThree? 

(05:42) Why not just use YouTube? 

(09:44) Using data to optimise your video strategy 

(14:45) The definition of being in front of the camera 

(17:14) Finding the mix 

(20:33) Are you overproducing your videos? 

(24:38) Know your audience 

(27:58) Building genuine engagement doesn’t cost money 

(31:14) Tooling is King 

(33:22) The overuse of personal video 

(37:53) Success is about more than the view count 

(42:20) Gated versus Non-Gated 

(44:21) Analysing performance across distribution channels 

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