11 - Video Marketing trends for 2023

Video marketing trends for 2023

In this episode, I look into my crystal ball to predict and give tips on the video marketing trends you need to look out for in 2023.

Trend No.1 - AI for content creation

Trend No.2 - The Vertical video short form battle

Trend No.3 - The demise of Facebook & Twitter

Trend No.4 – Video advertising

Trend No.5 – The rise of the corporate documentary

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AI writing apps:



Twitter alternative:



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Highlights from this episode:

(00:59) How AI can enhance your content

(03:32) Need to embrace short form video

(05:45) The demise of Facebook & Twitter

(07:40) You need to pay to play

(09:20) Why you need a corporate documentary for your business

(12:25) The 5 trends and what you need to do



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