12 -Corporate Filmmaking with Ryan Say

Corporate Filmmaking with Ryan Say

Joining me this week is Ryan Say, he is a Filmmaker specialising in Corporate Film and Video
based in West London.

Ryan helps businesses, entrepreneurs and artists create quality video content.
Promote products, educate audiences and bring your experience to life with carefully crafted videos that align ethos, values and vision.

Ryan, and I go a long way back. I've been working with Ryan for several years now. He's my videographer and editor when I produce business films, and in this episode, we give our insights and how to get the best out of any video content you create for your business.

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Highlights from this episode:

(01:33) Video is more than videography

(04:20) Trends we are seeing with corporate video

(06:35) You donโ€™t want a video, you want a result

(12:00) Is video expensive?

(20:03) Is not about quality, but about the story

(26:27) People are not looking for you, but what you know

(33:41) How to save time creating video

(38:35) Focus on your audience and their customer journey

(42:30) Tips for video editing and making better videos


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