16 - How embracing video transformed my business with Jim Prior

How embracing video has transformed my business

Joining me this week is business owner Jim Prior, who runs a soundproofing company based in the Midlands, and since going all in with video has seen his business grow by 40%. 

In the beginning, Jim couldn't see the value of spending money on video and be reluctant to get in front of the camera. But once Jim started working with me, all that changed. Jim has found that creating consistent video content has increased engagement and converted leads into clients.

"I have seen a massive transformation in the conversions, the leads, and the way customers interact with me. When you meet customers for the first time, it's like they already know me. It's amazing. And I can't imagine my company now without video." - Jim Prior, founder QuietCo.

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Show Highlights:

01:38 what brought you to start using video for your business?

02:37 How did you overcome your fear of being in front of the camera?

07:26 How video has increased turnover by 40%

09:45 The types of videos that are working

14:56 What have you learnt from using video? 

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