18 - Being a Smart Connector with Jane Bayler

Being a  Smart Connector with Jane Bayler. 

As the Smart Connector, Jane Bayler is a London-based business growth expert who specializes in helping B2B consultants and service providers increase their revenue and establish themselves as the leading authority in their industry. With a background in media, advertising, real estate, and marketing, Jane has a wealth of experience to draw from. 

In this week's episode, she and I discuss why it's crucial to step in front of the camera and create video content to enhance your position as a "Smart Connector." 

Jane is a passionate entrepreneur with a 20-year track record in the industry, and she is dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs achieve success and live their best lives.


00:00 Video: The Game changer

01:55 What is a smart connector?

03:16 How does video help you become a smart connector

04:15 How I learnt to show up on camera

10:05 Why editing is the magic sauce

12:36 Want to connect with a younger audience, need to create video content

15:02 Create once and repurpose if different forms

20:25 Using video for the sales process

25.04 Jane's tips for creating videos

34:31 The trick with using auto-cue

37:07 How video is becoming more and more important in the marketing process


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