20 - The 5-step process for creating effective video content

The 5-step process for creating effective video content

In this short solo episode, I discuss why businesses need to create more video, after a recent poll I found two main who businesses don't create consistent video content, firstly, understanding the benefits of video and second, the time it takes to create it. 

There are many reasons why businesses need video for their growth, such as increased engagement and reach, improved conversion rates, enhanced customer experience, and increased return on investment. 

Video can work for businesses if they have a plan and strategy in place. I outline my five P process for creating effective video content that maximizes return on investment and achieves business goals. The five P's are plan, produce, publish, promote, and Performance. I also share tips on making the most of your film day and selecting the right platform for your target audience and goals.


01:23 Recent Linkedin poll findings and benefit of video

02:01 Reason 1: Increased reach and engagement 

02:28 Reason 2: Improved conversion rates

03:05 Reason 3: Enhanced customer experience

03:21 Reason 4: Increased ROI

04:11 The 5 P Process

04:26 Plan

05:13 Produce

05:50 Publish

06:21 Promote

06:54 Performance 

If you want to know how you can apply this process to your business when creating video content. Why don't you book a 15-minute discovery call with me?