17 - How to be confident on camera with Elisabeth Valentine

How to be confident on camera with Elisabeth Valentine

Are you intimidated by the thought of appearing on video? You're not alone! 

The fear of being recorded, evaluated, and judged by others is common. We don't like the way we look or the way we sound on video. And often, we get brain-freeze or tongue-tied as soon as the record button is pressed. But it's time to overcome this and harness the power of video.

In this episode, join me as I interview Elisabeth Valentine, a renowned voice-over artist, singer, speaker, and performance coach. Together, we share expert tips and tricks to help you conquer your fear of the camera and deliver top-notch performances in your videos.

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Find out more on how to overcome your fear of being on camera.

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04:14 What is it about being on camera which makes us feel uncomfortable?

08:37 Flirting with yourself in the mirror

11:52 Why you need to record and watch yourself back

15:49 Getting clear on why you are doing these videos

25:26 How to prepare yourself before you hit record

27:19 Practise makes perfect

30:30 To script or not to script?

38:21 Why it's important to learn to be in front of the camera

42:44 How to warm up your voice

49:09 Tips for speaking in slow motion and pronunciation

51:49 And remember to smile

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